Things To Do

Call of the Wild Museum

Looking for a place to go out as a family and have fun? Visit the Call of the Wild Museum, a family-run museum in Gaylord that has a variety of North American wildlife, a theater, and a gift shop. The animals are displayed in their natural habitat with masterfully hand-painted backgrounds. Some of the displays are customized and have sound effects. You will also find other sections such as the hands-on discovery room and a walk-in display where you are able to touch the animals. Make sure to visit the award-winning gift shop and buy some presents and souvenirs for your family.

Escape The Cabin

Escape the Cabin is an amusement center in Gaylord, Michigan where you get to work together in teams and work a breakout plan from a cell. It is an amazing place to take the kids and have them engage in brainstorming but rather entertaining endeavors. You are put in groups where you are arrested, locked up, and then given 60 minutes to figure out a way to escape from the jails. This will test your time-management skills and how you handle adrenaline. You and the whole family will definitely enjoy memorable experiences that will live long in your memories. 

Gaylord's City Elk Park

Gaylord is an ideal place to vacation because of the parks and other recreation places that you can always visit. One of Gaylord’s popular attractions is the Gaylord’s City Elk Park, a big nature park where people come to view herds of wild elk grazing harmoniously. Most of the time view the herds from the cars or even more excitingly, enjoy fantastic views of elk from near the Elk’s Lodge, just close to Grandview at Elk View Park. Take pictures of the huge bulls and get to know how the bulls don their big horns and then drop them during the winter.

The Holistic Spa

Are you yearning for a good massage to relax your body, mind, and soul? Then discover this hidden gem in Gaylord. Located in Gaylord, Michigan, The Holistic Spa is a unique massage spa in that it offers alternative spa services, and workshops. They offer different spa services including massage therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, plus holistic services. You will be attended to by highly experienced practitioners who will help find that relaxation and inner balance that will enable you to live a healthy life. Their workshops will enlighten you to how to make good choices towards living a healthier stress-free life.

Aspen Park

Aspen Park is a beautiful all-year-round park which consists of a vast piece of land covered with green forest with paved and unpaved trails, tennis courts, and very eye-catching geography. You may want to go for activities like hiking or mountain biking or just enjoy a romantic sunset stroll with your darling, you wouldn’t choose a better place than Aspen Park. Skaters also come here to enjoy the natural wonder of this gently rolling jungle. During the winter, ski enthusiasts get a chance to come and traverse the hilly and wooded terrain during the cross-country ski. Enjoy views of beautiful wildlife in their natural habitats.

Otsego County Sportsplex

Otsego County Sportsplex is one best and well-equipped recreational center in Michigan. Situated in Gaylord, the sports complex offers facilities where both the young and the old can all enjoy themselves. The Sportsplex includes features like an Olympic size swimming pool, an ice rink, and a wonderful indoor walking track. They also have activity rooms which people can rent to play indoor sports like golf, softball, baseball and many others. There are even segments for stuff like yoga, karate, fitness, and water activities like kayaking. In case you have special events like a birthday party, you can rent out the entire pool or rink.

Bavarian Falls Park

Located right next to Call of the Wild Museum in Gaylord, Bavarian Falls Park is a beautiful miniature golf course. Is your afternoon starting to get boring because of sitting indoors? Don’t stress because the solution to finding joy and excitement is heading to Bavarian Falls Park. Families visit this park to come to enjoy either playing or just watching other people play. Locals and visitors all trickle down here to enjoy themselves. The atmosphere and the scenery around the park are so charming and that’s why you find people here enjoying romantic times. The beauty of the park is so teasing that a photo is a must.

Otsego Lake State Park

Are you looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy a romantic getaway from all the noise and activities of the city? Then a visit to Otsego Lake State Park will be rewarding as much as it will be relaxing. This charming recreational park is filled with large oak, maple, and pine trees provide wonderful shade. Its strategic position on the shores of Lake Otsego allows for amazing views of the magnificent sunset behind the trees. It is also a good place to bring the family to come and enjoy a picnic at the beachside picnic pavilion. There are also nice walking trails.

Mary's Tavern

Are you tired of day’s long activities and you feel like you need a drink or two? On your way home, you can drop by Mary’s Tavern, a small but a very wonderful joint. The atmosphere at the bar is awesome creating a perfect environment to enjoy your drink. The bar boasts an interesting beer selection plus very great shots. On the menu list also is local microbrew beer, one of the locals’ favorite drink. You may decide to enjoy your drink while listening to the music being played or playing pool table. You also get to interact with the locals here.

North Blueberry Farm

Blueberries are very sweet fruits and are very useful to your body health. They are enriched with antioxidants which studies have to show to keep the memory sharp and alert. Just like all other berries, blueberries are a great source of fiber which ensures you have a healthy digestive system. To find out more about the fruit, visit Up North Blueberry Farm. This is a family-owned blueberry farm in Gaylord that is known for producing the best blueberries in the region. Admire the amazing scenery around the farm as you interact with the bushes as you pick berries. You can bring a container to carry some home.

Natural Golf Course

Gaylord has a lot of wonderful attraction sites and landmarks making it one of the major tourist destinations in Northern Michigan. The Natural Golf Course is one of the hidden gems that bring tourists to this city. Although the sport is perceived to be for the elite class, many people play golf for sport, the challenge, the camaraderie, and a chance to interact with nature. The latter has always been the choice for a lot of people who come to visit the course. Get the chance to play golf or just enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of this wonderful rolling terrain.

Otsego County Historical Society

If you are on vacation in a new area, it’s always nice to try and find out more about their history, culture, and even their socio-economic activities. This part of Michigan has some history that might arouse your curiosity. To learn more about the history of Otsego County, a good place to always start your research is the Otsego County Historical Society. This is a museum that is dedicated to bringing people who are interested in the history of the area together. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, and to showcase materials that relate to the history of the area.

Gaylord Bowling Center

The Gaylord Bowling Center is one of the most popular bowling alleys in Gaylord. This alley features family-oriented activities that make it a great place to hang out with your loved ones and have fun. The alley features activities like bowling, horseshoeing, volleyball, and many more. The alley brings together people of all ages as they celebrate special occasions such as birthday parties and events like team building. Different days have different specials to enjoy and you can even participate in a bowling league. You might also choose to relax with a drink and watch the kids as they have and entertainment while playing.

Gaylord Area Council For Arts

Gaylord Area Council for Arts is an arts community that deals with promoting the local talent. If you love art or you are an artist, you wouldn’t pass out the opportunity to visit this organization. It gives you the chance to interact with the local community while you witness their talent first-hand. It also provides a platform to the locals to do something constructive while at the same earning daily bread for their families. There’s a gallery room that is filled with different pieces of art, some relating to the history of the area. You will be able to learn a few tricks about painting.

Old Spud Warehouse

Would like to take the family out for shopping? Old Spud Warehouse is a large shopping boutique in Gaylord which offers creative and unique designs in fashion, vintage furniture, and home accessories. Located in a historic, gorgeous old building, this is always a great place to wander around. From jewelry, clothes, and furniture to home décor, fun cards, and gifts, there’s always something special that you can buy. The coolest thing about the stuff they sell here is funky and vintage. How will you remember your vacation in Gaylord if you don’t buy a souvenir? Buy your loved ones with special gifts.

Mt. Carmel Center

Mt. Carmel Center, formerly known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral, is a performing arts center in Gaylord. The center is one of the major historical landmarks in Gaylord for over 100 years and its architecture features the Neo-Gothic style and has a steeple rising above the town. Outside the south entrance, there’s a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. But what attracts tourists most about the building is the bell tower and its ubiquitous clock that has not given in to bad weather conditions. Alongside being a tourist attraction site, it’s also dedicated to preserving the history of the community arts.

Gaylord Farmer's Market

A healthy life involves eating healthy and having good eating habits. One way to ensure you always healthy and nutritious food is by eating food which is fresh from the farm like vegetables, fruits, and many others. Around Gaylord, the Gaylord’s Farmer’s Market is the best place to source such products. It is surrounded by farms thus making it an ideal farmer’s market. This market is always a busy place flowing with people, both vendors and the ones coming to buy. Visitors always visit this market not only to buy fresh products but also to get the chance to interact with the local community. 

Snowbelt Brewing Co.

With over 50 years of brewing experience! Snowbelt Brewing Co.  started with a "maltitude" of passion and commitment! From the local, true ingredients, we will always take the most pride in our crafts and strive to make amazing Beer!

The Iron Pig Smokehouse

The Iron Pig Smokehouse offers delicious Low & Slow smoked meat, poultry & fish. We have a full kitchen & bar and have take out options as well! Stop in and try some of our tasty artisan cocktails. We have 8 beers on tap along with 25 Michigan Craft beers in bottles & cans! Our restaurant can accommodate 68 guests in a variety of seating, either at the bar, one of our hightop tables, or our comfy low top seating up front near the large glass windows. Our meals are prepared fast and usually in front of our customers with 10-15 minutes!